Distance from Batumi: 85 km

Area: 710 sq / km

Population: 36 000 people

One of the most beautiful and most mountainous region of Adjara! If you like adventures, long hikes, skiing on unbeaten snow, jeep tours and other extreme activities, then you should definitely go here! In Khulo, you can enjoy the indescribable beauty of Green Lake (Mtsvane Tba), a unique feature of which is that it does not freeze in winter. Khulo has many cultural and historical monuments, among which the most notable are the Schalta Monastery and Khikhani fortress, which is located at a dizzying, but attainable height. Alpine meadows, beech groves, coniferous forests and the subalpine zone form a particular landscape and climate of this corner. When you get here, be sure to taste such dishes as kaymagi, borano, sinori, nagbibora.

There are several resorts in Khulo: climatic resort Beshumi and ski resort  Goderdzi.

What to do in Khulo:
1. Taste Adjarian cheese;
2. Ask the locals what is "Bermukha";
3. Visit the Khikhani fortress and swim in the Green Lake in summer;
4. See the Shalta Monastery;
5. Run through the alpine meadows;
6. Eat local potatoes.

What to see:
Alpine Botanical Garden, Khikhani Fortress (12th century), Tsikhiskeli-Vardtsikhe complex (11th century), Skhalta Monastery (12th century), Uchkho Bridge (11-13th centuries), Sherif Khimshiashvili Museum in Skhalta Gorge, ruins of religious buildings.

Places where you can stay overnight, relax for a few days, feel the daily life of the Adjarian village, eat natural food, and participate in cooking classes: Khikhadziri,  Danisparauli, Elelidzeebi and Tago villages
Approximate cost of accommodation / overnight with three meals a day - 50 GEL

Walking routes:
Climbing to the Khikhani Fortress - 9.5 km in one direction from the village of Khikhadziri, Tago - Shalta Gorge route - 9 km in one direction.

How to get there: shuttle buses depart from the old Batumi bus station (1, Mayakovsky st. ) every hour. The cost is about 5 GEL.Intra-village shuttle buses departs directly from the district center.

Tourist villages

Other municipalities