While planning your trip to Batumi acquaint yourself with Batumi city map. Get information about location of different tourist attractions, cafe-bars, restaurants, hotels, main streets and routes of bicycle paths. Batumi city map is available only in English language. Here you will find transport map of Batumi as well, with public bus and minibus lines on it. The Guidbook brings together all the necessary information about the tourist products and services in Adjara and provides useful tips. Check diverse routs as well if you are ready to explore the mountains of Ajara. The guidbook and routs are available in Georgian, English and Russian languages.

Those interested in printed publications should visit Tourist Information Centers of Ajara

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Public traditions and rituals in Ajara
Batumi-Ajara Guidebook
Birdwatching Festival

Batumi City Map (ENG)

Batumi Transport Map (ENG)

Batumi-Ajara Guidebook (GEO)

Batumi-Ajara Guidebook (ENG)

Batumi-Ajara Guidebook (RUS)

Birdwatching in Ajara (Brochure)