Distance from Batumi: 40 km

Area: 452 sq / km

Population - 21200  people

Wine-making is one of the oldest occupation of Georgians! It is not for nothing that almost everyone associates Georgia with wine. Keda municipality is the center of Adjarian winemaking. There are several dozens of grape varieties here, most famous of which are Tsolikauri and Chkhaveri. Chkhaveri is a pinkish-colored, late harvest grape variety, and Tsolikauri is the white grape variety used to make dry white wine. In the villages of the Keda district, where residents are professionally involved in winemaking, you can taste these wines directly in the wineries. Besides the delicious wine, Keda is also known for its waterfalls (villages of Makhunceti, Merisi, Gobroneti), creeks, rivers, and historical sights (ancient bridges, remains of fortresses and churches, mosques), museums and just beautiful villages. The presence of guest houses and a variety of catering facilities make holidays in Keda very enjoyable and memorable.

What to do in Keda:

1. Take photo of Dandalo and Queen Tamara's bridges in the villages of Makhuntseti and Dandalo;

2. Say a toast, tasting the wine in one of the local wineries;

3. Swim under the Makhuntseti waterfall and in the backwaters of «Gvakha» in Merisi;

4. Visit Jemal Turmanidze's family and learn some Adjarian songs;

5. Taste river trout and Kokotauri mineral water;

6. Take part in the grape harvest if you visit Georgia in October;

What to see:

Stone arch bridge in Makhuntseti (12th c.), Stone arch bridge in Dandalo (10th c.), Sagoreti bridge (11–12th c.), Tsivasula fortress (12–13 c.), Sagoreti fortress (11–12 c.) , Gulebi fortress (12-13 centuries), Zendidi fortress (17-19 centuries).

Places where you can visit the wineries, as well as taste and buy real rural wine and chacha:

Villages: Pirveli Maisi, Vayo, Dandalo, Gegelidzeebi, Koromkheti.

Places where you can stay overnight, relax for a few days, experience the daily life of the Adjarian village, taste organic food, participate in cooking classes and even learn to sing:

Merisi Gorge, Gobroneti village, Koromkheti village, Vaio village, Dandalo village.

Approximate cost of accommodation / overnight including three meals a day - 50 GEL

Walking routes: Gobroneti-Latevra.


Shuttle buses depart from Central Old Batumi bus station (1, Mayakovsky st.) every hour (Cost: 3-4 GEL). Intra-village shuttle buses departs directly from the district center.

Tourist villages

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