Khabelashvilebi Bridge

Khabelashvilebi Bridge


If someone tells you that you can find only stone arched bridges in Adjara, you can safely call him a liar, because there is at least one wooden bridge located in the village of Khabelashvilebi. The bridge was built over 2 centuries ago to connect the villages of the Chvana gorge with the Khulo district. Khabelashvilebi Bridge is very peculiar and creates the impression of a fabulous construction built by some dwarfs, elves or hobbits. Initially, the roof of the bridge was wooden, but then it got old and was replaced with metal sheet in the 20th century.


The bridge is located in the village of Khabelashvilebi, in the Chvana gorge, Shuakhevi district and is the rarest engineering structure in Georgia. It is built with various tree species, including chestnut and oak. Locals say the bridge was built 300 years ago. Its length is 25 meters, width is 1.20 meters.


The bridge is buried in verdure and always makes a special impression on people. In order to get to the Khavelashvilebi Bridge, you need to walk about 500 meters of a path not far from the riverbed. There is also a picnic area near the bridge, a waterfall and several old water mills that are still used by the locals.


For a better acquaintance with the Chvana gorge, you also need to see the Otolta fortress (11-12 centuries), offering beautiful views of the gorge, a stone arch bridge of the 18th century, to try the corn bread (mchadi), and of course do not forget to taste the local honey.


If you have more time, use it to go hiking in the mountains, for example, to “Dzhavri Mindori”, where you can collect beautiful alpine flowers.


Khabelashvilebi Bridge Khabelashvilebi Bridge Khabelashvilebi Bridge Khabelashvilebi Bridge Khabelashvilebi Bridge