A cozy town on a small cape around a spacious harbor, the contrasts of which are surprising, the development is amazing, and the greenery is so soothing to the eyes - this is the shortest definition of modern Batumi, without statistics and history.

The most impressive contrast of Batumi is the amazing closeness and picturesque combination of the sea and the mountains. You can see it with your own eyes while walking along the alleys of Batumi Boulevard near the old lighthouse and the Ferris wheel. Be sure to stop for a minute here and breathe in the purest air of the Caucasus Mountains, mixed with the sea breeze. Then go a little further to the sculpture of “Ali and Nino” and you will notice that it moves very slowly, and dozens of people try to capture the moment of merging of two figures. You, undoubtedly, also will not remain indifferent to this performance, and enlarge your collection with another excellent video!

Being in Batumi, you are likely to be caught at least once in the rain. Never mind! During the rain you will have time to visit museums, exhibitions, shops, and also ... we’re not going to talk about the dignity and masterpieces of local cuisine, we’ll say only one thing - you can use a rainy day as a chance to taste Adjarian khachapuri! Forget about your weight, calories, diet - hundreds of thousands of people before you forgot about these things and benefitted!

Take a walk through Old Batumi and you will see many interesting things: short straight streets, 100-year-old houses with eclectic architecture, original courtyards, historical churches, a mosque, and, of course, the legendary Piazza Square. Restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels, music, people, concerts, exhibitions - this about “Piazza” shortly, but you can spend a lot of time here. Being on the Piazza, do not forget to make a video of the clock tower playing Georgian anthem every three hours and be sure to get the program of all upcoming events!

Batumi Boulevard and the beach are the most visited places in the city. It is very pleasant to swim in the sea, and then sit in the shade of the boulevard trees, or in the evening, walk along the cool alleys, breathe the air of pines, laurels, and eucalyptus trees and ride a bike. Fortunately, there is a lot of space here - as many as 7 km of the coastal strip!

The Batumi Argo cable car takes you to the top of a hill with a viewing platform in just 10 minutes. Here, the mountains will be behind you, and an unforgettable view of the city will open before your eyes: the azure sea, the coast, a network of streets in the distance, ships, the port and many other interesting things.

We will complete our little story about Batumi at a table with a plate of fried fish platter, beloved by the Batumi people: mackerel, anchovy, mullet and red mullet with tkemali sauce and black bread, and of course, a cup of strong black coffee cooked on hot sand. Leave your mobile phones aside and enjoy the tastes of Batumi!


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