Cellar of the Shervashidze Family

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10% Food

Guest house “Cellar of the Shervashidze family” is located in Keda municipality, village Pirveli Maisi. Keda is a heart of a viticulture in Ajara so wine is a main product in this family. In their cellar you can try several varieties of wine, made in oak-barrel. These varieties are: Chkhaveri. Tsolikauri, Ojaleshi and Dirbula. The house can accommodate 6 guests in 2 rooms. Hosts will offer traditional dishes made with natural products and culinary masterclasses. For extreme-activity lovers, they also have a zip line.


Transport options:

  • From Batumi to the Keda centre by mini-bus №77, from there to the village by Taxi. Old Bus Station: Maiakovski St.№1
  • Mini-busses going to Keda/Shuakhevi/Khulo. From the centre 2 kilometres on feet. Old Bus Station: Maiakovski St. №1


Did you know?

In village Pirveli Maisi you can visit Tsivasula fortress and midcenturies arched bridge, or Ground-bridge as locals call it. The name of the fortress Tsivasula (Tsiva- it is cold, Sula- all the time) is caused by the fact that it’s always cold in the fortress area.



  • Discount works in case of 1 guest (it includes 3 meals per day);
  • Discount spreads on wine-shopping. Wine-tasting is free;
  • Discount spreads on culinary masterclasses.

Working hours

Monday: 24/7

Tuesday-Friday: 24/7

Saturday-Sunday: 24/7

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